Ways to Be Supportive of Me in My Ministry

“I’ve always dreamed of a place of emotional healing where individuals can go and receive for their body, mind, and spirit. Soulful healing is complete healing and can embody many methods both practical and spiritual. Recently, I have made the decision to call this envisioned place, “Serenity”. I believe we all need serenity and within that state we find peace, ease, and healing from dis-ease.

If you would like to support my vision of a place of healing where various practitioners come together for a full healing experience, please consider donating to the creation of Serenity. I know many who suffer from emotional and stressful issues will thank you! ”

Dr. Jenine Marie Howry

You can send a donation via this Paypal link :

Donate by Paypal



God bless you always!

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry!


Member of:

Association of Clergy International

American Biblical Counseling Association

American Metaphysical Doctors Association

International Metaphysical Ministries




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