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Are You Backing Into a Tomb? Lazarus Come Forth!

11988378_10153670839814255_4027848974804248960_nThe Lord’s promise is if we were to wake and find ourselves sitting in darkness that He would be the light that shines to bring us through. Sometimes life causes us to back into a dead place. Maybe we think God has forgotten us or that we have made too many mistakes to fulfill our calling or destiny. Take heart, Jesus is calling you forth!




Cheaters Never Really Prosper

11988378_10153670839814255_4027848974804248960_nI remember my mother used to always tell me “cheaters never prosper” when I was younger. I think its one of those old sayings that came from some wise sage but at the moment I don’t really feel like looking it up. I’m sure Google will have the answer if anyone is curious. The saying is true though. Cheaters might look like they are doing well for a time but eventually they get what is coming to them.

It always makes me a little sad when people who don’t deserve it get taken advantage of. Over the years I have seen it happen. Employers take advantage of employees, business partners are crooked, spouses cheating on one another in relationships, someone stealing another’s wallet when they are not looking and taking everything they have left by charging on their credit and debit cards. It happens in this world and its sad that it does.

There is something that the rest of us can count on though. God is faithful and He also created a universe that likes balance. It’s interesting that out of all the things God has made, everything is perfectly faithful accept the people He created. Our fallen nature from the time of Adam and Eve’s fall has created that imbalance. Eventually that will be fixed though.

There will come a day where all things will be revealed.  Jesus’ who knows the hearts of all mankind will reveal our hearts and actions openly to everyone else and we will all “know”. In the mean time I fully also believe that God, at His discretion, has a form of vengeance that can take place right now, in this life, as it is. His goodness will reveal itself through blessings and honor of those who walk uprightly and the eventual breaking down of those who do not.

Take heart my friends. He is watching and the Bible says that His eyes watch over the whole world. I think that is amazing, not to mention He sees right into the hearts of those who have been created by Him. We live in a fallen state and until that changes we will deal with the antics of fallen people. Unfortunately some are more cruel than others.

I have a theory that there is a hole in the internal being of some that is so big and wide that they have to fill it by taking advantage of others. I wish I could come a long and mend each person who has experienced being cheated out of things they deserve in this life. Be sure that the Bible is true in that the meek shall inherit this earth. The haughty and proud will go out in a blaze. They shall be last while those of us who have endured their wrath will be first in God’s Kingdom. Sometimes, we are fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of God’s balancing act right here on earth and we get to see how He takes care of His own. Take heart, the bully on the earthly playground won’t get away with things all of the time. Eventually their folly will catch up with them and you can stand proud that you live with integrity and God’s ethics.

I pray you peace in your heart, if someone has taken advantage of you. I also pray God will reveal His goodness to you right now in this life. Also, I pray that the Lord will show you how protective He is of you while revealing to you His distaste for what others have done to you. Pray for your enemies and take heart. Let your heart remain pure from the evil doings of others and watch how God blesses you! I know He is faithful. You can bet your last dollar on it and even then, watch Him multiply His blessing for you!

In His love,

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry

Jenine Marie Coaching and Ministries 


Some Memories Are Just Too Precious

11988378_10153670839814255_4027848974804248960_nBack in the 90’s I was a struggling mom with five children. I was married to someone who was not very supportive of our family and often was gone for long spurts of time. Faith is not even a strong enough word for what I needed to have.

My older son was about 12 years old when I sold Avon products for the first time. One season I purchased an entire case of Skin So Soft Spray and had planned to sell them all for a good profit. My youngest daughter was just a baby, not even walking as of yet. Sometimes the weather was just to hard to take her out in a stroller and then there were the other children.

My son Jayson (now in heaven) would go out into the neighborhood and not only take out my brochures for me but sell my Skin So Soft Spray to the neighborhood. That way I could stay with his brother and sisters at home while he helped bring in some food funds. Every not and then his friends would help him pass out my brochures and I paid them to be of service.

Jayson was a great worker and helper. He was always willing to put in some extra time to keep our family going when things were hard. Now, 18 years later, I am selling Avon products again to benefit my ministry for women who need healing from abuses and infidelity in relationships. I love that Avon places women in places of respect enough to have their own fundraisers for the causes of breast cancer and domestic violence.

It seemed so obvious that this business was and is a good fit for my ministry fund raising. I am now working toward my non profit status and then an office outside my home for women to come and be ministered to and counseled for the wounds that haunt them. Today I received my first delivery of my Avon business kit and the first thing I pulled out was the Skin So Soft Spray. It still smells the same and is basically the same price. The memories flooded my mind of my sweet son, now in heaven, and all the great ways he helped to support me in caring for the other children.

It’s only fitting that Avon be my go to place for raising funds for my ministry for God on behalf of women. If you would like to assist me in my ministry endeavor, or even support my blog writing, please consider an Avon purchase. Skin So Soft Spray is still at the amazing price of $6.99 per bottle and I also have a bundle of several products for only $19.99! A great value. Please see the photos! IMG_2999.JPG

You can call me and order at 832-484-8306 or you can just simply go to my website at and place an order. You will find an online brochure with the current sales and also the items I have pictures here in this post. I am working on a goal in the next week to obtain $150 in orders as an initial goal. I know I can get there with the support of those who enjoy my blog and also desire to help women recover from the abuses this life has brought to them. 20108548_1755207567840818_5834360564279427736_n

You are greatly appreciated! Please pass on my blog information and my website. I am so blessed to be a part of opening up the lives of women, one woman at a time!

God bless you!

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry

Avon Representative and Pastor


Another Way to Be Supportive of My Ministry

11988378_10153670839814255_4027848974804248960_nI discovered that Avon, as a company, supports the cause of helping women who are or have endured abuse. This is passionately the focus of my ministry for women! So I have added Avon to one of my business practices in order to support and help fund my ministry. Currently, I am working on my official non profit status and my ministry office outside of my home. This will be a place women can come individually to me for help emotionally and spiritually. Also, in the plan are support/prayer groups, phone sessions, and my prayer line. My focus is Pastoral Care, not clinical therapy. I am also a spiritual life coach working toward empowering women into their purpose.

My ultimate goal is Voice of Hope Victory and Prayer Center, which is a future dream in order to expand the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ with a focus on healing, life advancement through Biblical practices, and much more. I so appreciate all who read my blog and have come to me for prayer and edification! Please consider supporting my endeavors for God’s purpose in my life in order that others can receive the benefits of this ministry.

Here is my Avon store site link! Please feel free to explore and order from my site any time 24/7! My store is always open!

Jenine’s Avon Store Site

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry

Jenine Marie Coaching and Ministries

Voice of Hope Victory and Prayer Center


Delivering You Into Your Dreams and Destiny

prayer-closetWe all have a purpose and a destiny designed by God. Have you been waiting on your dreams to come to pass? God created you by perfect design and has a purpose for you. There is a time and season for all things under heaven! Watch!





Pastor Jenine Marie Howry


Jenine Marie Coaching and Ministries/Voice of Hope Victory and Prayer Center