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Humility Prayer for the USA

IMG_20170904_140736_219.jpgDear God have mercy upon us, Your people. We humbly repent of areas we have failed You. Keep us safe as a nation and let Your Holy Spirit arise from within us again . Hold back the flood waters, we pray, and put out the fires that are burning our country. Set up a standard surrounding us as a nation in that nuclear bombs can not threaten us. Keep our government wise and Your people steadfast . Draw us out of complacency and let church bells ring across this nation. Help us to stand firm to put Your word back into schools and prayer back into open spaces. We are Your Holy Bride . Remind us daily to offer salvation to all we encounter so everyone will know You. We repent as Your church and on behalf of our nation. We have fought as a dysfunctional family while allowing our nation to begin to decay. We deeply grieve that we have grieved Your heart. We have lapped up Your blessing while souls have been dying. We deeply regret this Lord. Help us guide this nations eyes back toward you. Let us once again be a nation of open prayer on the highways and byways. We are down on our knees before You. Spare us in the wake of more destruction. Be gracious to us as we humble ourselves and pray. Hold back the flood waters and put out the flames . You have blessed us with the greatest nation on earth. Let us arise and receive Your Christ light once again that You will shine from sea to shining sea! Thank You Lord, for hearing our prayer and for sparing our people. Thank You for allowing us time to minister the gospel to a dying nation, for standing up on behalf of Your statutes, for fighting on our knees and with our breath on behalf of Your word, and for proclaiming Your goodness to a dry and weary land. Water us with Your Spirit, Lord, and let Your Bride receive her shining hour. In Jesus name and heart. Amen and amen

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry

State of Texas Director

United States National Prayer Council



Ever Find Yourself Around a Bragging Person?

7a1211fa52903d5799b3b94f69797416Psalm 5:5

“Those who brag cannot stand in your sight.”  (God’s Word Translation) 

Have you ever been in the presence of someone who can not stop talking about themselves? Or, have you known a person who continually brings up their accomplishments? Sometimes the person has to word things so they can be seen in a good light to impress others. At this point, if you are rolling your eyes, I’m sure you have. If you have you are in good company with God. People who brag can not even stand in His sight according to the Scripture above.

I truly hated to even continue that Scripture because the rest says that “God hates those who sin”. Please don’t take this as God hates His creation. What it really means is God hates sin, period, and bragging is a sin. Why? It’s because it comes from ego and pride. The Bible tells us that pride comes before a fall. Lucifer was filled with pride. He bragged about himself. He was the most beautiful angel in all of the heavens, creating music for the others to worship with. His prideful attitude and bragging got him into a lot of trouble. He eventually wanted others to worship him and not God.

When people take on this trait they are acting like Lucifer and wanting to be adored, or somehow liked or envied by others. I can see God rolling His eyes right along with us. We can understand how some just feel like they want to be liked and for some reason think that bragging or trying to show themselves in the best light will do the trick, but its a slippery slope. Bragging, talking about one’s self all the time, and trying to be seen in a good light so much that it makes others want to run the other way will only result in an eventual fall.

The Lord loves humility. The meek shall truly inherit the earth. Humility does not draw attention to one’s self, but to, God or to lift up others. The “I got it all going on” mentality is only a smoke screen for a deeply insecure person. You see, no one is ever fooled by the braggart. Usually they do not know that others are rolling their eyes either behind their backs or in their minds. I am not saying this to be cruel, but to point out a character issue that God really can’t stand. Its alright to be happy, to love one’s life, and to smile with confidence, but when that confidence takes the turn into pride it becomes a stench that most all of us want to turn away from. Basically, the person is full of themselves and not full of God. The braggart can not get close to God for this reason, so therefore God calls it sin.

I had a friend who called this syndrome as one who thinks they are “all that and a bag of chips”. I used to laugh at that statement because I had no idea what chips had to do with it but it was funny at the time! It certainly is not fun or funny to be around someone who is so filled with their own image that they could never ever see God’s

If you are surrounded by those who are like this, of course pray. Don’t expect them to just change. You could always try the “drop the bomb and leave approach”. You know, suggest they might be full of themselves and then leave them alone with that thought. Most people who tend to brag really don’t know how much they irritate others around them. They have this, “I am the best of all worlds” kind of attitude. Sometimes it makes them feel powerful and over others who might even be suffering or hurting in some way. Its a false image of power because no one likes it no matter how much the braggart thinks they are impressed.

Let’s call it like it is. Arrogance is obnoxious! This is not going to sound pretty, but bring me a barf bag and make it fast! Before you think this is a bit insulting, look up the passages about how God will spew the haughty out of his mouth! I think God wants a barf bag too! There is no room in heavenly places for bragging or self service. My advice? Turn from their remarks and definitely don’t encourage them! It only feeds their need to be seen and admired. Walk in the other direction. Sooner or later they might get the idea and if not, then God will deal with them because pride always comes before a fall.

This is by no means criticism.  It’s actually soul saving conversation. We don’t want to do anything that causes us to feel far from God. It’s a miserable existence. The “I do better than anyone else” mentality never advances anyone. God gives favor to the humble and the meek in heart. He is close to the broken and to all those who set their admiration on Him and not themselves.

Being around a braggart is like wearing a scratchy sweater. We want to take them off our lives as quickly as we can! Remember, out of the heart the mouth speaks. Its a heart condition and one that can be isolating as much as it is irritating.

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry

Jenine Marie Coaching and Ministries

Voice of Hope Victory and Prayer Center


Dealing With the “Lack of Maturity” Type Person

11988378_10153670839814255_4027848974804248960_nPsychologists tell us about the type A, type B person or personality. I tend to agree that there are people who are either on one side of the spectrum or the other. We don’t always hear about what I call “the lack of maturity” type person. This is putting aside that all of us have those moments of acting out and not being as “grown up” as we should.

Yet, there are those who tend to exude that lack of mature reasoning and almost seem stuck in a childhood type of mentality. I remember when my kids were growing up, there was the bully on the playground who always had to somehow “kick someone’s behind”,  ah hem, putting it in a more mild form. Even as I was growing up I could never understand that mentality. More surprising there are adults who never got past that mentality and draw that type of drama into others lives like a boat anchor that sinks just about everyone around them.

Lately, and actually over the last several years, my life has been affected by that type of person. Not by choice, but I guess you could say, by proxy. It does not feel good. I like to drive my life ahead, leaving that which is behind to be my past, just like the Bible and God says to do. Sometimes its inevitable though. That type of person gets dragged into our lives and we find ourselves fighting tooth and nail to avoid the “reap what you sow” blast that comes from them just because they are energetically and spiritually connected.

Over the last few weeks my experience came to a head though. I could NOT take any more. The “lack of maturity” person had to be removed or I had to remove myself. Sometimes it is a matter of principle and sometimes it is a matter of brokenness. I found myself broken because I did not take action sooner. The last thing I have ever needed was a shattered life again. So I had to take matters into my own hands and request that person to exit, stage left. I’ve never been a hateful person but I found myself having those feelings and it sure did not feel good. You know, God hates. He hates sin. He hates divorce. He hates adultery, and He hates rebellion and pride. So I know to occasionally have those feelings is normal, but not to act on them because vengeance belongs to the Lord, not to me.

I have grown to learn to guard my gate as to whom I allow in to my life and who I do not. I have my own set of values and it is perfectly fine to enforce them because the quality of my life is important. We are only given one to live and I want mine to be the best it can ever be. This is the bottom line here. Some people just don’t care if they hurt or harm us. They don’t care if they keep us waiting, or if they take what is not theirs to take. They don’t care if they break someone’s heart or even if they stomp on it after it is broken. That is the reality of this world.

There is another reality though. God gave us family and I know I have a lot of God given family! I was reminded by someone dear to me that I am one million strong with people who are behind me 110%! Wow, that truth takes care of so much of the hurt caused by the lack of maturity type people!

I want to encourage you today and stand your ground and not allow yourself to be affected by those who refuse to grow up. Leave them outside your gate and don’t allow their influence to infiltrate your life. You deserve the best and you certainly don’t deserve to live with a broken heart due to the mindless actions of others. Keep in mind to work toward forgiveness. This does not mean allow them back in! This means forgive so you can be forgiven by God and also so that your heart can be free! Then don’t, I repeat, don’t allow them back in again! People don’t just change and even when they do it takes a long time.

Keeping the lack of maturity people outside the sheep’s gate. It will give you peace; the kind that God wants you to have.

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry

Jenine Marie Coaching and Ministries

When Disaster Hits- State of Texas Prayer Director Message

1ae50fd80db2b592b14a49ba3649c3d7Several days ago the State of Texas, the nation, and the world, watched as a category 4 hurricane not only hit southern Texas but lingered over several areas for many days. The rain is not over and the destruction continues. This disaster is one which, not only the state, but our great nation has not seen in this magnitude in a very long time. We will also remember this time in history for a very long time. As our hearts grieve, our spirits pray, and we watch the events unfold, I want to encourage everyone that God is on the throne and that the light of Jesus Christ will shine through as faithful as He always has! Here is a message I created as the State of Texas Director for the United States National Prayer Council. We all so appreciate your prayers, your compassion, and your giving! God bless you!

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry


Power Prayers

11988378_10153670839814255_4027848974804248960_nLooking back I think the most wonderful thing I have ever experienced has had to be powerful prayer with those who share the same faith. Power prayers give a lot of hope, and draw us near to Holy Spirit and Jesus! I always had been in awe of those who could just start praying and Holy Spirit would take over. The prayers became intense, touching, fulfilling, life changing, and often prophesy. Our prayer lives can actually help drive our lives. The right prayers can feed Godly intent and information into our minds, touch our hearts, and set us into the right direction. Power prayers can drive out the enemy and cut us loose from bondage, remove the wrong people from our lives, and set us free in ways nothing else can. Jesus is a powerful prayer partner and His promise is to be in our midst whenever we join together to pray!

I have began a stream of power prayers and one of the first ones is posted onto my website. I hope you will enjoy the prayer and that it will ignite in you the powerful guidance of Holy Spirit!

Audio Recordings and Videos Link -Jenine Marie Coaching and Ministries

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry

Jenine Marie Coaching and Ministries

Jenine Marie Coaching and Ministries

Flash from the Past Poem from 2012



There’s a space, I knew, I could lay it down
A place where shadows never play.
I can feel the essence of this hollowed ground
Never knew my dreams would long to stay

Wrapped in golden, breath of life in the air
I’m beholding, all the visions I have known
Rivers bless me, I can see them everywhere
This is the journey I have traveled all alone.

Did you think I would be empty
Just because you did not care?
Have you forgotten where my honor is
And could not find me anywhere?

I have been known to hold my own.

Distant thunder, coming closer as I wait
The rain is pouring down, in the light
Blessed sanctuary, a place of heaven’s gate
My Master says that I will be alright.

Kissed by sunlight, Holy essence in the air
Standing stronger, in spaces I can call my own
Dressed in armor, prayerful garments I can share
This is the journey, I have traveled all alone.

Did you think I would be empty
Just because you did not care?
Have you forgotten where my honor is
And could not find me anywhere?

I have been known to hold my own.

~~ Jen Marie copyright August 2012

When You Close Your Eyes, How Do You Envision Your Life?

Love When Avon Calls

Snapshot_20170809My blog title is one of the best questions you can ask yourself. A person with vision is one who is going somewhere. No one gets to where they want to be without vision. So, take the time right now, and close your eyes. What do you see for yourself and how do you want your life to be?

We ALL should be living a blessed life! That does not mean there will be no trials or days that are harder than others. It means that we have the capacity to face the trials and hard days with more ease than maybe we do now. Money does not make people happy, but it is a vehicle that can bring a lot more blessing to not only ourselves but to others around us. Money is a currency. It flows like a river and has a current.

What is the currency you…

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