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Are You Backing Into a Tomb? Lazarus Come Forth!

The Lord’s promise is if we were to wake and find ourselves sitting in darkness that He would be the light that shines to bring us through. Sometimes life causes us to back into a dead place. Maybe we think God has forgotten us or that we have made too many mistakes to fulfill our calling or destiny. Take heart, Jesus is calling you forth!      

For the Men: Be Her “CONSTANT”!

There are two definitions of “constant”  Occurring continuously over a period of time A situation or state of affairs that does not change  From the original Latin, it comes from the word “constare” which means “stand”, and translates “staying resolute, or faithful”.  Can you see where I am going with this already? Since I am talking to the men here, let me address your headship. Wow, did I need to go there with you? Uh huh. Let’s take a look at the example of headship that men are given through Christ. Hebrews 13:8 says ” Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today, and forever. ”  No wonder so many women fell in love with Jesus and followed him when He was here on earth! Everything about Him is constant, and it still is now that He is the resurrected King. God’s protection of women is so evident throughout the Bible. He allowed divorce during the time of Moses because husbands were rejecting and not treating their wives well. Jesus tells men in the New Testament …

The Positive Thinking Movement Vs Jesus’ Compassion

I don’t think anyone is a stranger to the negative vibe we seem to be getting in our country these days. I often shake my head when I hear yet another issue that has come up because of the new elections. Every pivotal time in history brings with it a lot of controversy. Good or bad, people are not real happy with change. It means we are going to need to adjust something and we have become comfy in the way things are. Lately, it seems, it makes people down right grouchy just at the thought that some things might just change now. Regardless to how we feel about politics these days and the negativity, its a part of our struggle to find our way to becoming one nation again. Its like a married couple that struggles to understand one another. Our country is having “marital issues” in some respect. The negativity is a bit unsettling. A positive outlook sure is a better way to handle things, we can all use a bit more positive …