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Do You Have Anxiety, Panic Attacks, or Stress? Breathe On….(Two Videos)

I can’t believe myself at times when I check my body and realize I have held my breath or have forgotten to breathe completely. Stress, anxiety, and just plain life, can cause us to shallow breathe. It is so important for us to breathe correctly for vitality, ease in life, and regulation of our bodies organs, especially the heart. In these two videos I talk about belly breathing and also what is called Ujjayi breathing. Both help open up the throat space, bring ease and tranquility to the mind, soul and body. In the book of Genesis God breathed His breath into Adam and life began. Breath is life! Bring life to your body, senses, and organs by breathing correctly! Enjoy!   Loving you from here, Dr. Jenine Marie Howry, PhD Jenine Marie Coaching and Ministries LLC 832-484-8306 Advertisements

Don’t Pass This One Up! “This is the Air You Breathe”!

  I never thought in a million years I would end up teaching myself how to breathe properly! Not to mention, I used to actually make good money teaching women how to breathe right. Our very first action here on earth right after birth is to take a good deep breath. There is a reason for that. It brings life. One would think as an automatic function of the body it would be something we would not really have to think about. This is not so and I will explain to you why. Women spend a lifetime learning to suck in their stomach! Think about this one for a minute if you will! I’m willing to bet you have been taught to hold your stomach in because it is lady like to do so. Not only that, you have been bombarded with advertisement all of your life that tells you women should have a flat flat stomach. Am I right about this? (I’m not putting down those who have a flat stomach, that is great! …

About Dr. Jenine Marie

Message from Dr. Jenine Marie “My desire in life is to see others walking powerfully in their own purpose, success, complete happiness and fulfillment. I believe this is achieved through understanding the truth about who we are, who God is, and how our universe powerfully and faithfully works.  ​I created Jenine Marie Coaching and Ministries LLC in order to help others find true passion, emotional healing, spiritual understanding, success, and happiness in life. We ALL deserve to live a life of passion and excitement! Yet there are moments when we need guidance, training, and good counseling through the hard parts!” ​About Dr Jenine Marie Howry and “Serenity”… Through her own pursuit of personal peace and serenity through life’s journey, Dr. Jenine Marie has envisioned a place of tranquility and peace where her clients can find balance, wholeness, and gain understanding of self-love, personal esteem, and spiritual integrity. Her mission is to partner with holistic practitioners, spiritual counselors, and other healing professionals, joining them together in one place of experience she desires to call “Serenity”. “Serenity” will offer …