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FREE GIFT! Extended From My Jafra Blog!

Rev Jenine MarieI am reposting this from my Jafra Cosmetics International blog because the business is designed to help support me through my ministry to women. (Plus its just a fun business!) . I hope you will consider joining me or trying Jafra in support of me while I work toward growing my ministry at the same time. Yes, its a challenge but it makes sense to me! I don’t get paid as a Pastor, I work for what I need for a living and my counseling to women is by donation only. In this way others can be supportive and join or purchase from a fun company as well!

Jafra has been a dream come true for so many people. Here are just a few things some are saying….

What it means to be connected to Jafra 

For me? Joining Jafra has been a great decision. Not only do I love and use the products but it gives me an opportunity to expand myself as a person. I also use the business to help expand my ministry to help heal women from emotional affects of abuse and infidelity. Both are passions of mine. One is fun (Jafra) and one is serious stuff (Jenine Marie Coaching and Ministries) , but both are important to me and to other women!

Whether you join to become a team player, business owner, or to purchase product at a discount for yourself, you will NOT be disappointed in this 60 year successful company!

I am offering a free surprise gift of one full size product for those who join my Jafra team and start a business that will show its dividends for years to come! This is a REAL business and one that others have joined in order to enhance their lives for many reasons. As with any business you get out of it what you put into it. There are very few companies that offer up to 50% commissions on sales and purchases though. There are some but very few.

If you love skin care, cosmetics, fragrance, and spa products, then you will love this business! If you love enhancing the lives of others, then this is a business you will love!

Come and join me while a $29 business kit offer still is in effect for the next couple of days, or you can purchase a larger kit with even more product! Such great deals on the kits to get you started.

Jenines Jafra Website 


Call me! 832-484-8306

***This is a consultant only offer through my Jafra Rewards #JeninesJafraRewards


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