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Would YOU Like to Be a Guest Blogger?

imagesHello everyone! I would LOVE to have your blog article submitted to The Power of a Confident Woman! If you love to write, maybe this will be a fun way to expand your horizons? My list of topics are on the top menu of my blog and you can choose any one of those to write about and submit to me. These might include as they pertain to women:

Personal transformation


How you left an abusive relationship

Your experience with someone’s infidelity

God’s blessings


Health tip you have found to be beneficial.

Family issues

Issues of faith, where God has saved, delivered, or inspired you on your journey

These are some suggestions. Keep writing at “blog” size. You will receive full credit for your blog submission as the author and you can link back to your own blog or website within the post.

In order to submit, simply write it up on a word document or within the content of an email and sent it to:   Put in the subject line ” Jenine, Here is my guest blog submission”

**No political statements please!

Happy Writing!

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry


**Photo credit by Pixabay


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