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Prayer for Our New President: Donald J Trump and Our Nation

meDear Holy God,

You are the Creator of our destiny as a nation and a people. We look to You for our guidance, comfort, wisdom, and protection. As we move forward into a new season of change in our nation, the United States of America looks to You for direction. As we honor Your decision in the election of our 45th President, Donald J Trump, our hope and prayer is that You guide him daily in decisions that improve the lives of all Americans.

Hold our new President in the palm of Your hands. Protect him in body, mind, and spirit. Lend Your divine protection over his family, his surrounding officials and all who serve this nation. Give him an ear to continue to listen to the needs and desires of the American people. Give him wisdom in his response to those needs.

As our nation moves forward, let no weapon formed against “her” prosper. Lead us to a more united, compassionate nation, which stands undivided and guided by peace among all people. Lead President Trump in his protection of the lives of our people.

Let this generation be one where we look back upon and smile because of all of the blessing You have bestowed upon our country. As we obey You in our choices, reveal Your desires for us and lead us daily as our God, embracing us continually as Your people.

Thank You Lord, for hearing our prayers, and for answering with wisdom from heaven. We love You for all that You are. Let us be always “one nation under God”.

In Jesus’ matchless name we pray,


Pastor Jenine Marie Howry



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