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Today is Your Day of Deliverance! Free PDF Battle Plan Download!

devils and angels7777You may not realize this during the course of every day living but there is a continual battle surrounding you in the spirit world. The trophy is your soul. I know that sounds very dramatic but it is true.

Even when we have the assurance of salvation through Jesus we can be taunted by spiritual forces that are usually attracted to us through our shortcomings and often our wounds.

There is good news though! If we are in Christ we are a new creature and we have a strong ally in the battle field. This is the greatest thing we could ever know! We need Him on our side! The world is getting harder and harder to live in. The battle rages hotter than ever before. There are strategies we can use, battle plans if you will, in order to kick the devil and his dominions to the curb. We need not be subjected to his cunning craftiness and the destruction he wants for your life and soul.

I have spent that last three days writing battle plans for you as a free download from my website! I have outlined 10 Battle Plan strategies in order to help you live a more free and liberated life. At the end there is a deliverance prayer.  If this sounds like something you need, please feel free to follow the link to my site and download the 7 page PDF file.

I want you to remember something though. In order for anything to be effective for you it has to be worked on! Consider prayerfully the things I have written and dedicate yourself to working on every one of them! The rewards will be great!

The information on the PDF document download are from  my very own life experiences and what I have come to understand. I realize not everyone will agree but I will assure you the points I make do work if they are worked on!

Download Pastor Jenine’s Battle Plans for Taking Out Your Enemy, complete with Battle Prayer at the end to kick the enemy our of your life! Click the link below and go to the “This Means War” graphic for your free download!

This Means War! Don’t Be Deceived: Ten Battle Plans to Take Out Your Enemy!


God bless you in your deliverance!

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry

Jenine Marie Coaching

For Prayer: 800-421-1765 (USA calls only!)

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