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Take On a Dose of Integrity

10556464_427421444062789_1781922537085214413_nEveryone in this world seems to love being in a place of influence. I think it is human nature to want to be “the one” for someone or others. Influence can be a powerful thing and it does not always mean a person needs money to achieve it. Influence can be done through a simple dose of walking in integrity. To have integrity is to walk in honesty and in good moral principles. It also means to show we can be trusted. A person who has integrity is one who others can trust and count on. If you have a friend you can trust then you have a great treasure! If you are a person who can be trusted then you are a great treasure!

Powerful confidence comes through walking in deep integrity. This does not mean perfection. Please keep this in mind! Perfection is not ever obtained in this world as long as we are here in our current state. Some day “perfection will come” in the person of our Savior and then “we shall be like Him” according to scriptures. Until then, we fill fall down and we will fail. The main thing is to keep on getting up. To continue to get up when things fall apart shows great strength and integrity!

It seems as we seek meaning for ourselves in this world, the greatest movers and shakers are those who tend to walk in the wrong spirit. That is an illusion. Those who cheat others never prosper even if it appears they do. Those who walk with great integrity receive the greatest rewards, are the most fulfilled, and are the greatest treasures to humankind.

If you want influence in this world then allow integrity to be your banner! Everyone on this earth seeks out those to follow, to emulate, and groups to become a part of. It is our honest and trustworthiness within our sense of community and compassion that always speaks loudly for our reputation. If you want to be one who has a good reputation as being one of this worlds most powerful people, then take on a dose of integrity and follow integrity’s ways. You will never ever be sorry!

In love and in passion,

Jenine Marie



  1. Great post. Integrity is something so important and I think so many don’t even realize the fullness of it’s meaning. A white lie is still a lie. What you do behind closed doors, when no one is watching, matters. I think there is a shift though and God is raising up the right voices… maybe that’s just what I am looking for so I see it more 🙂 In any case, great post and I share in walking in integrity.


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