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photo 3 (4)About Jenine Marie

“Having been severely affected by life’s difficult trials, I have recognized the only true way to going from victim to victor. Only through Christ Jesus is there true deliverance from the torment and brokenness from living in a dysfunctional world. There is no other effective complete healing method that can even come close to the power of Holy Spirit for release and deliverance.”

 With Love, Pastor  Jenine Marie 

Jenine Marie has been a licensed/ordained minister for over 20 years. She is gifted in deep healing, prayer and  deliverance ministry for the healing and release of the effects emotional trauma. She has degrees in Applied Theology, Biblical Counseling/Certified Life Coaching, and Master’s Degree and Certification in Christian Theology. In order to better understand human behavior she also has degrees in Psychology and extended Master’s study in Professional Clinical Counseling. Her greatest desire is to enhance the lives of others and empower each one to reach their goals and greatest destiny! She has been called to emotional healing on a soul level, deliverance from spiritual attachments, and life transformation for every individual. Jenine’s primary work is focused toward the deliverance and empowerment of women. She is dedicated to the Pastoral Care of women who have been deeply wounded by relationship dysfunction whether in marriage or in other relationship situations.

 Life transformation coaching has been added to her practice in order to see others reach their desired goals, be released from limitations, and set free from the bondage that hold back each person’s potential. Even in this venue her focus is on Christ as the center of all the processes.

Jenine Marie believes that the power of God lives inside of us through the baptism of His Holy Spirit, and the loving wise ways of Jesus can be the Light to our path that propels our lives and eventually will guide us home!



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Establishing Yourself in the “Void”

JenineHowry2I was watching a movie the other night and one of the characters proclaimed, “I don’t know what is wrong with me, I feel so empty.” In the story line she was in transition. Her life had a pending new decision which meant letting go of all that is for soon what will be. In the mean time, her life was void, empty, seemingly stuck. I nodded as I listened to her mostly complain and cry. Drama will be drama. I understood her statement though. I think we have all been there. In “the void”.

The void is that place where we think is dark and empty. It seems that way when we are there. In truth, though, it’s a place filled with expectation and creation. Remember, God created from that which was void and made beautiful things. The void is a place of learning to let go of what was for what will be. It’s a place of utilizing our faith and imagination to create new things. Yes, it is also an exercise in patience!

The challenge here is becoming comfortable in that place of being “in between” things in life. Our first inclination is to “feel empty” like the character in the movie I was watching. Actually the void is filled with possibilities. Just think of having every opportunity to create anything you want while waiting for new things to happen in life. As you wave good bye to what will soon be past, you will be preparing to wave hello to your future! The void is a place of deep imagination and intuitive creativity. Can you think of what you really want in life and picture it so much that you actually FEEL it?

Close your eyes for a moment and picture something you really want for your life. Don’t open them again until you feel it will all your being. Feel the excitement, see the colors, and sense the newness of the future. This is the place of infinite possibilities! Are you excited for this place now? Smile, because you have every opportunity to create something beautiful while you are in between everything else.

Affirm this with me:

“I love this place that is filled with opportunity and creative genius! I can see all possibilities here and feel excited for my future!”

Loving you from here,

Jenine Marie Howry

What’s Your Problem?

frustrated-womanNow there is a million dollar question, right? I guess I should entitle this post, “What Problem Are You Dealing With Now?” I can see your wheels turning. Maybe you are dealing with many problems. Welcome to my multi-tasking world! Let me interject some reality here. Everyone, I mean everyone, has problems! In fact, if you don’t have problems I would think you are an alien with some sort of super powers to overcome obstacles and leap tall buildings at a single bound. Bottom line, you can not escape them!

Yes, I know, they make life a pain. Life is supposed to be a pain. In fact, life is supposed to be one pain after another. Life is like labor pains; problems and labor pains. Before you click off and proclaim me too negative, think about this. Without problems there is no reason to solve anything. Can you hear me in this? If there is no reason to solve anything then there is no way to grow, no need for intuitive insight, no reason to find or seek peace. Have you ever had a problem resolved and were able to take that deep sigh of relief that says, “I did it”!

You see, without problems there is no celebration of success either. Interview any successful person and they will tell you about all of the problems they had to field on the way to where they are. So, get on your hiking boots because life is a mountain to climb. Yes, indeed, we can speak to that mountain, “Be thou removed” and if we have faith, it should vanish, right? I think it’s more honest to think that maybe the mountain can be removed by solving the issue concerning how to climb it! That is the only way muscle will be built and the only way we can ever celebrate our success!

I know, sometimes it feels like one thing after another hits us and we become sure there is a bulls eye on our behind that every problem seems to be attracted to. If this is how you ever feel than consider yourself fortunate! Sounds strange, I know. Think of it this way. The more issues you need to field and solve the more your faith has to be exercised, your brain has to be accessed, your emotions need to be tamed, and your skills need to be utilized.

How about if I interject the idea that having problems is a blessing and thinking of them that way will make them less daunting? If life were always easy and no problems were to ever come up, I think that would mean a person is probably dead or in a coma. Let’s embrace them, alright? Repeat after me:

“Problem, I am so blessed by you! Thank you for coming into my life, because now I am challenged to be an over comer. Thank you for showing me that I am alive! Yes, I treasure you and your lessen you came to teach me”!

Blessings upon you, AND the problems you face today!

Jenine Marie Howry

Jenine Marie Coaching and Ministries LLC

Handling Difficult People

woman-yelling-5938034No doubt we live in a world that is filled with so many diverse people and personalities. In all honesty, this is what makes life worth living and exploring. We are “about” relationship. Without others there is no true evolution of our souls or healing of our scars. Keeping this in mind, there is one real truth that tends to bring grace, mercy, and understanding to the difficult personality.

Here it is. Are you ready? People act out of their own personal pain from the inside and they project it outward toward a person or situation that they feel is unfavorable. Usually it all comes out in anger or blame. Some people are consumed with their anger and resentment. Have you ever met the “perpetual walking bad mood”? They are difficult to say the least.

The real truth is, the walking bad mood has deep scars that create a vacuum or blockage for anything that resembles peace and harmony in life. They appear to just project their bad mood outward but what they really are doing is revealing their own personal pain. This might be on a very unconscious level, even unknown to them as to why they act or feel the way they do.

Do you know a person or people like this? Let me give you some insight as to how to deal with them. It’s more like how to “see” them. Their outer expressions are much more revealing than anyone truly thinks.

  1. First of all know and understand that people act out of their personal pain. Someone who is difficult to deal with most likely has an unconscious mind that is driving on auto pilot and they have no idea why they are as difficult as they are.
  2. See the God part within them. This is not as hard to do as it seems. Just believing we all were created in the image of God helps to reveal to us the great parts of difficult human beings
  3. See them through God’s eyes. You have God living within you. Consciously remind yourself that the part of you that inhabits God can look through your eyes and see spiritually, intuitively, and soulfully, the truth about any human being.
  4. Don’t return anger for anger. This only multiplies the anger that is already there. The Bible tells us that a soft answer will turn away wrath. This is truth. We can turn someone’s angry day into a better one just by being more positive and loving toward someone who is hard to be around.
  5. Know we all struggle. You struggle, I struggle, and everyone struggles. We all have soul scars from this life we have led and we all project them onto others whether we intend to or not. We are in this together. We all have been humanly flawed.
  6. Remember we carry God in our inner temple. We are now the temple of God who dwells within us and there is nothing more powerful than this truth in our lives. That power can be used anytime, anywhere, and with anyone. All you need is to believe and have faith in that power to heal and deal with another in order to do so.

Affirm: “I choose to see past the difficulty in other’s lives and actions, knowing we all struggle with them, and see the God part of each person. Because I know the truth about their actions and that God lives inside of all of us, I can be at peace with them. I have the power from God within me to overcome my own struggles and handle others as well. I see their expressions of difficulty and anger as the hurts that were formed inside of them as they have lived their lives. I wish and pray for them healing in the midst of the storms of life. I pray them healed and made whole. I choose to see their beauty and the treasure that they are no matter how difficult they become. What I focus on becomes bigger, so their beauty outshines any difficulty they might present.”

Ask God for the eyes of compassion in all things and you will know and understand how to handle any or all difficult issues with others.

Peacefully Yours,

Jenine Marie Howry


Are We Trying to Teach People to Transform Into the Image of God or the Image of Ourselves?

IMG_20171023_130408Recently, I found myself becoming very frustrated with others “teachings”. It seemed like no matter what I did it was WRONG in someone’s eyes. Bottom line, I know by now to do what I feel God says is right for me but the question of so many conflicted communications haunted me continually. I asked God, “How do we become as One with one another and also One with You if we have so many conflicting ideas?”

The question perplexed me because there hardly seemed to be a way to even come to a happy medium on the subject.  I found myself entrapped in so many “don’ts”. Don’t wear this. Don’t say that. Don’t pray this way. Don’t preach as a woman. Don’t this and don’t that. I found myself in sorrow because it caused me to feel that there was no place I could possibly belong with so many RULES and don’ts.

It was not until I sought God for the answer alone did I truly find my answer in this question. “Are we, as the children of God, transforming ourselves in the image of our Creator or are we attempting to transform one another into each other’s image?” It was harsh to read when I came to the teaching on self righteousness in my doctoral course in spiritual psychology. Basically, this is what it is when God’s children try to change one another into their own image instead of reflecting God’s.

There is only one way to become ONE as Jesus had prayed to the Father. That is to SEE ourselves as ONE. When we judge, criticize, or scrutinize one another we are actually doing it to ourselves. We are all a part of the ONE that Jesus prayed for. We are in conflict. We misunderstand. If we want to reflect the One that Jesus was speaking of then the rules have to go out the window.

Our goal is to transform by the renewing or our minds. This means every part of our own minds. It is about our conscious mind and our subconscious mind. If we don’t, then our subconscious mind will take over and do the driving. Our personal and individual commitment with God is to actively pursue that transformation, not to tell others how they should transform.

We can act as a guide to one another but forcing our views on each other only side steps God. Do we really want to do this? God sees us as One with each other and One with Him. This is the TRUTH. We are the ones who separate ourselves out of our self righteous need to be the one who knows it all. In honesty, we don’t know it all. We know in part. This is what God has said. This is me quoting God, not an idea I brewed myself.

I wonder what would happen if we took the judgement, the rules, the criticism, and the pointing of fingers out of the equation and just saw that we are One as God has made us to be. We are each a unique facet of a beautiful diamond called the people of God. We shine with brilliance in God’s sight. Why can’t we shine with brilliance when we look at one another? Do we have to become so uncomfortable that we are forced to change our view of how we are One? I mean, we can either do things the easy way or the hard way. Its our choice.

Together as ONE. –

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry


Love Trumps Rules

heartHave you ever heard the expression, “rules without relationship bring rebellion”? A person can try to enforce all the rules upon someone else but if there is no relationship all the rules in the world can not make someone love or obey. I can’t say why we get so caught up in rules in the Christian faith but it sure does not bring good relationships. Jesus’ way is the way of the Father’s love. His love is a love that covers even when we fail or make mistakes, and we all fail.

Jesus came for the sick not the perfect. The irony is there is none who is perfect, so in the divine design he died for everyone. It’s our personal choice if we want to accept His ways or not. To be in Christ is to be in love.

Honestly, who cares how a person prays as long as they do, or how a person dresses because it is God who dressed man and woman first in the garden of Eden. When someone opens their mouth to speak the word of God does it really matter what gender they are as long as the words their mouth speak are God’s?

I’ve been thinking a lot about this today, you know, rules over grace. There seem to be so many more “thou shalt not’s” than God originally intended. Even in the commandments that God gave to us, He also gave us grace through the death and resurrection of His Son Jesus. If we really truly want healing we need love in grace. If we really truly want fellowship with the people of God, and God Himself, then we need to chuck the rules and go with relationship instead. We already have too much rebellion.

How can we build beautiful churches and not allow the whole council of God be spoken within them by denying women to speak? If Jesus showed up in rags and in bare feet would we allow Him in our doorways? I wonder if we need that new sound system or if we need more love in our hearts to feed those who are weary and poor. These are not meant to be judgement but observations and questions that I have.

Having relationship means having love. How do we expect anyone to follow the ways of Christ by causing them to feel judged every time they turn around? I’m sure some of my statements here are not popular. I am not looking to be popular but to speak the truth. Everyone seems to have a different rule these days. Rules of how to pray right and rules of how to act or dress. We can’t go to some seminaries if we have been divorced and yet God allowed divorce. He said so in the Bible. It does not mean that divorce is the better road but it means grace covers those who have to go through the ordeal.

I’m voting for relationship and I am on the side of love; God’s love through Christ. I don’t know how to fix the mistakes we make in the church, but I know the One who does, and I think if we turn to Him the answers are already there.

In love and peace,
Pastor Jenine Marie Howry


Are You Living Outside of Yourself?

IMG_20171023_130408Do you find yourself continually affected by other people’s actions, attitudes, or things that happen to you? If you are, then you are not alone. We all tend to do this and for some reason make our lives harder than it has to be. Have you ever noticed if you walk into a room filled with people in a bad mood your mood tends to change to align with theirs? Or maybe your relationship partner will get to you by their actions or personality now and then. We all do affect one another’s lives but we are not meant to live outside of ourselves to the point where everyone and every other thing affects how we are or feel inside.

For some reason, people tend to be like sheep. We follow others instead of being our own leader. Jesus referred to people as sheep a few times in His conversations. I certainly can see why. The hard thing about living in a way where we are always affected by others, is that we never really end up finding ourselves in the mess around us. Leadership starts within because God lives within each of us. We are supposed to now be the temple of the Holy Spirit, and with that truth, be personally and individually guided by Him. We can’t live for others. We can serve them but not live for them. The idea is to learn to live our own lives from within ourselves.

God created you to be a unique human being, unlike any other. You are meant to be lead by His Spirit and to hear God for yourself. Your life is too precious to be a reflection of someone else’s. A life lived well is one lived true to one’s self and not mirroring others lives.

If you have looked into the mirror lately and have not recognized yourself. Maybe some good emotional release coaching would be of great benefit to you! You only have ONE life to live here on earth. Why not live it as the best you that you could possibly be?

In love and release,

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry
















Christian Energy Healing: Emotional Energy Release

IMG_20171023_130408Energy is What Moves All Things. It’s Motion

Energy is a part of God’s created universe and is a part of every living thing. The Bible tells us that there was nothing created that Jesus did not create from the beginning. Energy describes motion of what God has created.  Thousands of years ago people discovered the healing properties of moving energy in the human body. This process also can facilitate emotional release and therefore emotional healing. Our bodies were created to work as one unit; body, mind, spirit/soul. One part of us out of balance can create problems in other parts of us and keep us out of balance. A body that achieves more balance is a healthier, happier, body and therefore person.

Much to the error in belief of many in the Christian faith, energy healing is not of the occult, nor is it demonic. It is only that, if it is used in that manor. In fact, there is no religion or belief system that is attached to energy healing accept that energy exists and God created it as it is. If God is a part of everything He created, then He is apart of energy or movement, and therefore how energy can facilitate emotional healing. Christ is involved in any process if we involve Him. The devil certainly does not want people to be healed, made whole, or glorifying God for what He created to be faithful and true.

Energetic emotional release is a process that helps stored effects of emotional imbalance to be released from certain areas of the body from past or present experiences. Holistic chiropractors have done this work for a long time. They work with meridian points in the body to release stored stress that cause the body to be in a state of unease. This causes disease.

Much to many beliefs, energy healing and energetic emotional release is not against Christian principles or against God. There is nothing in the Bible that says, “Do not activate or move energy.” Only when we leave God out of the equation and focus on the energy release itself as a healer is it then idolatry. I’ve given this topic a great deal of prayer and consideration before putting it “out there”. If energy healing helps release stored emotions that cause disease then the benefits are worth the practice. If God is brought into the equation then He is glorified in the process!

Jesus healed in many ways and the way He healed is primarily a mystery. He laid on hands, had healing virtue flow out of His body, and commanded demons to depart. His ways were hardly standard for His time. Even the Pharisees accused Him of using demonic powers to cast out demons, which is absurd. Why on earth would the devil want anyone set free or healed?

The ground breaking pioneer of Christian energy healing Sarah J Thiessen affirmed the practice in her book “Splankna”, which is an energy healing technique she developed from her research. The type of energy healing and release techniques that I personally use are not quite the same, but regardless of how energy healing is provided, the main thing is that Christ is a part of the process and that it works!

While it is true that New Age believers practice this type of healing it does not mean the practice is New Age. In fact, it has no religious affiliation at all. I have been trained in two different types of energy healing and have developed energetic emotional release from the techniques I have studied. Christ is a part of the process in that He is invited through Holy Spirit to be present during the entire session. The release and praise is the gratification and all the support we need to understand how helpful this can be. To God be all the glory for what He provides for us in every way, because He loves and cares for us deeply!

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry


**Although similar, the emotional energy release technique I speak of is not the same as Splankna which is practiced through the Splankna Therapy Institute. All information above was learned myself as I went through various forms of energy release techniques and teachings.