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photo 3 (4)About Jenine Marie

Jenine Marie has been a licensed/ordained minister for over 20 years. She is gifted in deep emotional healing, prayer and  metaphysical applications for the healing and release of the effects emotional trauma. She has degrees in Metaphysical Science, Applied Theology, Spiritual Counseling/Certified Life Coaching, Certified Spiritual Life Coaching and Master’s Degree and Certification in Christian Systematic Theology. In order to better understand human behavior she also has degrees in Psychology and extended Master’s study in Professional Clinical Counseling. Her doctoral dissertation is on dream interpretation work in Transpersonal Psychology for a PhD.  Her greatest desire is to enhance the lives of others and empower each one to reach their goals and greatest destiny! She has been called to emotional healing on a soul level, and life transformation for every individual. 

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Licensed/Ordained Minister, Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Certified

Practical, Life Coach/Spiritual Counselor, Pastoral Care

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Dr. Jenine Marie Howry and her husband Patrick D Howry


Would You Like to Know How to Cultivate Your Intuition? Come take a look!

pexels-photo-255268.jpegEver have a nudge inside of your gut that says, “Do NOT go there?” Or maybe it was something else, like something that might be very successful and you just “knew” it would work. Of course God guides us but He also gave us intuition that has been instilled in us for a purpose.

Do you want to know how to cultivate this amazing gift you naturally have and make it more profound? I know I sure wanted to. Of course, I am the curious type. I love to share this information so this video is about 45 minutes or so long. There was just so much to say, you know?

So, get some popcorn or some coffee or both and settle in for this teaching. Your gut feeling will thank you!


Loving you from here,

Dr. Jenine Marie Howry

Jenine Marie Coaching and Ministries LLC 


Do You Ever Wonder How You Can SEE God? blog and video

pexels-photo-241322.jpeg  God is such an illusive mysterious concept, but even more than that He is alive and wants you to find Him! Do you ever wonder how you can do this? Have you searched for Him or strained to hear His voice? Out of my prayer and meditation this morning, I have been given 4 ways to see God! Come explore with me!

Loving you from here

Dr. Jenine Marie Howry

Jenine Marie Coaching and Ministries LLC 

Do You Have Anxiety, Panic Attacks, or Stress? Breathe On….(Two Videos)

pexels-photo-321576.jpegI can’t believe myself at times when I check my body and realize I have held my breath or have forgotten to breathe completely. Stress, anxiety, and just plain life, can cause us to shallow breathe. It is so important for us to breathe correctly for vitality, ease in life, and regulation of our bodies organs, especially the heart. In these two videos I talk about belly breathing and also what is called Ujjayi breathing. Both help open up the throat space, bring ease and tranquility to the mind, soul and body.

In the book of Genesis God breathed His breath into Adam and life began. Breath is life! Bring life to your body, senses, and organs by breathing correctly! Enjoy!


Loving you from here,

Dr. Jenine Marie Howry, PhD

Jenine Marie Coaching and Ministries LLC


Have You Ever Tried Mindful Eating?

pexels-photo-390403.jpegHave you ever noticed that in America we eat like we are in some sort of marathon eating event? I sure have. It’s like the eating race began years ago and it slowly programmed us into always being in a rush. “Let’s grab a quick bite to eat,” we say, as we run off to gulp our next meal, barely talking to one another.

Take being in a restaurant for instance. It’s like the rules have changed. We are rushed in, brought our food, asked about 100 times if we need anything else, and then as we drink our after lunch cup of coffee the bill is being stuffed under our noses. Let’s analyze this for a moment. We go into a place to eat and we PAY for the table, the food, and the service. Part of going out is the fellowship and the ambiance of being out in a place where food is prepared for us. Somehow the restaurants have taken over how fast we have to eat and be done.

We are geared toward being in a hurry. They want to fill our table as soon as possible and if we linger we are bombarded by continual interruptions from a waitress who has been taught to do this to us (no judgement here).

In Biblical times and in ancient Egypt, a meal was a blessing and a sacred time to spend with others we love and to honor God. Whole festivals were created surrounding the harvest of the grains for their meals. Offerings were given to God in gratitude for all He had supplied them. Meals were an event to be languished over, with laughter, fellowship, and the food was to be savored.

Somehow we lost the ball on this practice. We gobble our food down and before we know it we are filled with much more food than we really needed. No wonder so many suffer from intestinal and GI problems. Our food never has the opportunity to be broken down properly by the body because it gets stuffed into us way too fast. This also leads to overeating.

Eating is meant to be a slower process. I want to introduce to you “Mindful Eating”. This means taking the time to savor every bite of our food, chewing it adequately before swallowing, and eating only until we are full. You see, the saliva in our mouths is the first process of digestion and the breaking down of food. Eating slower and more mindfully helps to create adequate saliva for the digestion kick off. Eating mindfully and slower allows us to use all of those great taste buds that are in out mouths. We are meant to really taste our food!

Then comes the swallow. When eating is done slowly it also allows our stomach to produce the stomach acids needed to further break down our foods as we eat. The other great affect of eating slowly is that we eat less because we have the sense that we are fuller faster. Our brains have a place inside that tells us when we are full and then we stop eating. Eating slowly allows that trigger to happen more effectively and we tend to get full faster and eat less food. If we gobble too much too fast, our brains think we still need to eat more and we end up over eating before it has the chance to tell us that it is enough!

If we practice mindful eating we don’t need a diet. Our bodies tell us when we are hungry and when we are full. Its really easy. Just listen to the signals. I can imagine the look on a waitresses face after telling her I am mindfully eating and I might be here longer than expected! Actually, it does not take that much more time. In fact, you will be full faster and more than likely ask for a doggie bag and be on your way.

Next time you are out, give this a try. Eat mindfully. Savor ever bite. Be thankful for what God provided and allow your taste buds to really relish the flavor of the food! Allow your body to naturally do its job and you will see that your eating habits will change. Your body has been created to tell you when to eat, when to stop, and what foods it really wants and craves. Listen to it carefully and you will never speak the word “diet” again!


“Today, I will mindfully eat my food, taste every bite, and be thankful for all that God has supplied to me. I will allow my body to tell me when I am full and when the next time to eat is. When I am hungry my stomach will rumble. When I am full, my brain will shut me off and I will push away the plate. Today, I will take a step toward better digestive habits and pay attention to what my body is asking for and what I do not need. Let my bodies intuitive gifts guide me in my eating habits.”

Loving you from here,

Jenine Marie Howry


Do You Know How the Universal Law of Reaping and Sowing Works?

sky-space-dark-galaxy.jpgI was watching an episode of one of my favorite programs when one of the characters went into a speech about how people love to see others get sick, have financial issues, or even worse, announce they have a terminal illness. I thought to myself, “Why is it that some people love to see others not do well?” Does it come from a deep seeded need to be “better” than others? Or maybe just to feel like we are better than others? I’m sure this does not apply to everyone but it should make us want to think or consider what we put out there in the spiritual realm. Let me tell you why.

You see, we are like radio broadcasters in this universe. Our thoughts, comments, and actions are very seen and the energy they contain is also kind of recorded, if that makes sense. Basically, God hears, sees, and knows all. How could He not, He lives in us? At any rate, God did create a Universe that is standard and does not change. There is a Universal Law called the Law of Reaping and Sowing. It’s pretty self explanatory, we get back what we put out there. The major element about this is that it never ever fails. Like I said, the Universal Laws created by God are standard.

Can you grasp that your thoughts have matter to them? They create. This is why we are supposed to be renewing our minds; at least one of the reasons. What we think concerning others will come back to us just the same. What we say concerning others will also come back to us. It only makes sense that what we also do to others will come back upon us. Do we really want to wish ill will upon anyone in light of this information? I would hope not, especially since we are supposed to be loving one another. If we apply this to the Universal Law of Reaping and Sowing when we love, then love is returned. It might not come from the same person but it will come to us from wherever fate allows it to and it will not fail. It can’t.

So, let’s take a deep breath here and examine the meditations of our hearts. It was King David in the Bible who asked God to examine his heart meditations and wanted Him to find them to be pleasing. I’m sure he knew that his heart meditations will also create actions that create what his life would be like.

There is a huge reason why I really want to teach you this law more than any other. Not long ago someone wished me harm in writing. UGH. I felt like holding my breath. Not only did it hurt my feelings but there is a God part of me that truly knows the Universal Law will give that person a slap in the behind one day that will not be pleasant. Remember, it WILL NOT FAIL. Only the grace of God upon us, our asking forgiveness, and canceling out our actions will ever change what will eventually happen if we don’t take those actions. God’s grace is a power and a gift, but it will not take away lessons learned that are standard and created by God Himself accept by His grace.

For Heaven’s sake, don’t let pride keep you from correcting a huge mistake! You have time. God gives us grace, although I have seen reaping happen very suddenly as well. If it is not good reaping then we really end up regretting what we have sown. Please don’t live with regrets. Examine your heart, your speech, and your actions. Do you want your life to change for the better? Would you like to have more God love inside of you instead of wishing others ill will?

Meditate on this:

“God, help me to catch myself when the meditations of my heart do not align with Your divine love. Remind me to be humble, to drop my pride, and to ask forgiveness when I do harm. Bless my enemies and allow my life to be blessed as well. Bless humanity with the knowledge of the Universal Law of Reaping and Sowing. Let me be a peace maker and love creator in this world.”

I wish for you the very best in life and also to learn how to bring that about for yourself. I know you can do this!

Loving you from here

Jenine Marie Howry

How To Trust in an Un-Trusting World

pexels-photo-241322.jpegTrust is a very valuable thing. In the human world we EARN the trust of others. In the realm of God we can trust everything because God is faithful and never deviates from the true nature of who He is. What do we do in a world where it is so hard to trust? Can we ever truly trust anything outside of ourselves when humans are not perfect and can so easily make mistakes?

Trusting depends on where our trust is directed. Have you ever given thought to trusting yourself? Can you depend on yourself and do you believe in yourself too? When the chips are down and the world is hard to understand can you rely on yourself in any circumstance to bring things through, regardless of what that might look like?

Trusting yourself is your answer when it is hard to trust others. Let me give you an example. I get nervous when other people drive and I am in the passenger seat. It makes no difference who it is. No two people have the same responses to stopping, going, and how we determine speed etc. There have been many a time I have “put on the brakes” from the passenger side when I think there might be an unwelcome meeting with the car I am in and someone else’s. But, when I drive, I trust myself. I know myself and how I respond.  In the past I have swerved in order to avoid an altercation with another vehicle.

In fact,  anywhere in life when I am doing the driving, I am trusting life. It’s the same with self trust in any aspect of life. Once we know we can completely trust who we are then life becomes more bearable even when others are going haywire. In a world where it is hard to trust, place your trust in God, but also trust yourself in any process on the journey. It’s a gift you can give to yourself.

“Today, I will give myself the ultimate gift of trust. I know I can handle any obstacle that comes my way. I trust my faith, my ideas, and my decisions. Even in the wake of mistakes, I know I can trust my way out of them.”

Loving you from here

Jenine Marie Howry

Are You a Fraction of Yourself?

IMG_20171023_130408I would hate to be laying in that space between this life and mortal death with deep regrets over all of the things I wish I had explored in this life, but did not. Every now and then I think of this. Would I regret some of my choices or lack of choices? I wonder what I might of done or been but did not think myself worthy, or did not take the time. I even wonder more if I would have missed the boat on something special because others did not approve of what I was becoming, believing, or doing.

Remember that old quote “To thine own self be true?” Have you even asked your “self” what it wants or desires right now? Or have you asked and know what it is but are afraid to pursue it? We can always look outside of ourselves at others and see the things they “are” or “do” and think, “I would love to do that!” But, is it something that truly can belong to you? Does it cause your heart to sing and does it compliment you so much that you glow at the prospect?

Often we don’t even know what we want or what we desire to believe because we are too busy looking outside of ourselves to find it. Believe me, there is a seed deep inside of you that only you can be and believe to be. You will know it when you discover it because immediately it won’t fit anyone else’s “self” because it is uniquely yours. Whatever has been planted at this moment will make your heart sing, will cause others to walk away, will bring new people to your path, and will confuse you until you actually “do it”.

Our own personal truth is important because we are all important. No one has to approve of you. God already has. No one has to agree with you because God who lives in you is your witness. Whatever works for you, works for you, and it will be shown by success and joy!

There are a lot of things in this world we can fill the hole inside of us with. Sometimes it can be things or people. The greater things are those which are not tangible but they are eternal. The truths that are inside of you are there for your eternal well being and not for anyone else to approve of. You are who you are, and there is no one else who can take your place.

It can be so easy to not live up to our potential because we think others expect something else from us. If we walk in this way, we deny ourselves the full truth and we deny others of who we truly are. Think about this for a moment. Do you believe the things you believe because they have been shown to be true to you or because others have taught you what to believe and how? This is a hard one because so many of us have sat under the teaching of others. Its great to trust them with our hearts and life path, but no one could possibly know every facet of our being like God can. God lives in our being.

Seriously consider this; “Are you living as a fraction of your true self because you have been taught to believe a certain way, or be a certain way, by others?” I want better for you. I want the BEST for you! So be the best you that you can be! TRUST yourself and God who lives in you! Be “the one” for all that you are. Whatever you do, don’t lay in a sorrowful place some day and regret not showing the parts of you that you hide from everyone else because its not popular for some. Your tribe is there and they will find you, so be who you are; always!

“I am determined to never live as a fraction of myself but in the wholeness of my personal truth no matter what anyone else might feel or believe. I will not live with regrets and I will trust that all things truly do work for good for those who love God. I will trust God who dwells inside my temple for my life’s decisions and my personal truth.”

Jenine Marie Howry

Jenine Marie Coaching and Ministries LLC