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photo 3 (4)About Jenine Marie

“Having been severely affected by abuse and also infidelity in past relationships, I have recognized the only true way to going from victim to victor. Only through Christ Jesus is there true deliverance from the torment and brokenness from being in a dysfunctional relationship. There is no other effective complete healing method that can even come close to the power of Holy Spirit for release and deliverance.”

 With Love, Pastor  Jenine Marie 

Jenine Marie has been a licensed/ordained minister for over 20 years. She is gifted in deep healing, prayer and  deliverance ministry for the healing and release of the effects of relationship abuse and infidelity. She has degrees in Applied Theology, Biblical Counseling/Coaching, and Master’s Degree and Certification in Christian Theology. In order to better understand human behavior she also has degrees in Psychology and extended Master’s study in Professional Clinical Counseling. Her greatest desire is to enhance the lives of women and empower each one to reach her goals and realize her greatest destiny! She has been called to emotional healing on a soul level, deliverance from spiritual attachments, and life transformation for every individual. Jenine’s primary work is focused toward the deliverance and empowerment of women. She is dedicated to the Pastoral Care of women who have been deeply wounded by relationship dysfunction whether in marriage or in other relationship situations.

 Having been challenged by marriage and relationships that have been abusively dysfunctional, Pastor Jenine feels led to see other women set free from the wounds and spiritual bondage that comes from these types of relationships. 

Jenine Marie believes that the power of God lives inside of us through the baptism of His Holy Spirit, and the loving wise ways of Jesus can be the Light to our path that propels our lives and eventually will guide us home!



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Licensed/Ordained Minister, Biblical-Life Coach/Counselor, Pastoral Care

State of Texas Prayer Director, United States National Prayer Council

Member of the National Association of Evangelicals

Member of Association of Clergy International

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Flash from the Past Poem from 2012



There’s a space, I knew, I could lay it down
A place where shadows never play.
I can feel the essence of this hollowed ground
Never knew my dreams would long to stay

Wrapped in golden, breath of life in the air
I’m beholding, all the visions I have known
Rivers bless me, I can see them everywhere
This is the journey I have traveled all alone.

Did you think I would be empty
Just because you did not care?
Have you forgotten where my honor is
And could not find me anywhere?

I have been known to hold my own.

Distant thunder, coming closer as I wait
The rain is pouring down, in the light
Blessed sanctuary, a place of heaven’s gate
My Master says that I will be alright.

Kissed by sunlight, Holy essence in the air
Standing stronger, in spaces I can call my own
Dressed in armor, prayerful garments I can share
This is the journey, I have traveled all alone.

Did you think I would be empty
Just because you did not care?
Have you forgotten where my honor is
And could not find me anywhere?

I have been known to hold my own.

~~ Jen Marie copyright August 2012

When You Close Your Eyes, How Do You Envision Your Life?

Love When Avon Calls

Snapshot_20170809My blog title is one of the best questions you can ask yourself. A person with vision is one who is going somewhere. No one gets to where they want to be without vision. So, take the time right now, and close your eyes. What do you see for yourself and how do you want your life to be?

We ALL should be living a blessed life! That does not mean there will be no trials or days that are harder than others. It means that we have the capacity to face the trials and hard days with more ease than maybe we do now. Money does not make people happy, but it is a vehicle that can bring a lot more blessing to not only ourselves but to others around us. Money is a currency. It flows like a river and has a current.

What is the currency you…

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Grace In the Process of Forgiving Others (VIDEO)

11988378_10153670839814255_4027848974804248960_nDo you have trouble with forgiving those who have harmed or offended you? Are you stuck in a place where you are becoming hard in your heart, or do you want to be authentic when you feel like it is impossible to do so? This video will teach you how the power of God’s grace helps in the forgiveness process! God bless you in your hearing!

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry




Re-creation of Good Childhood Memories for Healing and Joy!

11988378_10153670839814255_4027848974804248960_nRecently, I posted an update on Facebook asking what my friends fondest childhood memories are. I think we focus so much on the negative in life when looking back that we tend to forget some of the great things that have happened in life. When I look back to my childhood I can remember beautiful sunny days playing in the yard, running around with our family dog, and our big old house we lived in with so much to explore. I loved to pretend I was making tea on the heater vents on the floor and serving it up to my dolls with lunch.

No one experiences only negative things, although many of us have had a lot of hard things happen. Yet, I guarantee if you focus real hard on the positive and good things that were a part of childhood you can find some good ones! I still love the rain hitting the windows in our older house we just purchased over a year ago, just like I loved the rain hitting the windows of the old house I began my early days in.

Replicating the good memories and living some of them out brings back peace and some childlike feelings like when we ran through the grass on Easter morning anticipating the events of the day! Close your eyes for just a few moments and find some childhood memories that were wonderful and see where you can find them or reenact them in your life today. Having a childlike spirit brings joy and carefree days in our lives.

The Bible teaches us to come to God with a childlike spirit. A sense of wonder and wide eyed innocence can not only enhance faith but bring a more fancy free feeling as we travel through life. Think of maybe doing some things you used to do when a child. Take a trip to the zoo, plan to travel to Disneyland, spend the day at the beach finding shells and letting the water chase you as you run through the sand.

Recreate meals that were served at family gatherings that were fun and enjoyable. In Biblical times, gathering for meals were considered to be a sacred time. They took time with their meals, prayed over them, and spent the rest of the evening dancing to music and playing like children. Somehow we have lost this in our society and we really need to bring it all back!

What happened to the days when the neighborhood got together for a block party, roped off the area, and shared a large buffet together with great food and conversation? This happens more rarely these days than in the past. Since when did we have to be so distant and separated? I remember summers riding go carts with the boys up the street and having water balloon fights on the grass.

These are the things that have made life worth living and worth remembering. These are the things that should be recreated in life. Children have a faith that is strong and innocent. Work toward that childlike faith and your relationship with God will even soar on eagles wings!

What memories will you recreate today? Think of all of the possibilities!

In laughter and joy,

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry



In Christ,We Are Sealed

11988378_10153670839814255_4027848974804248960_nSong of Solomon 8:6-8

“Seal me in your heart with permanent betrothal, for love is strong as death, and jealousy is as cruel as Sheol. It flashes fire, the very flame of Jehovah. Many waters cannot quench the flame of love, neither can the floods drown it. If a man tried to buy it with everything he owned, he couldn’t do it.”

I peeked outside for just a moment as my husband was working on our outside wood deck. Texas has some harsh weather at times. In the summer it is humid and hot, tempered with occasional thunder storms. Winters are cold and sometimes it snows in our north east area of the Lone Star State. The fluctuation in temperatures, with water in the air and ground, can be very hard on wood outside. Without something to seal the wood the harshness of the weather would rot it out and soon it would have to be replaced. Basically, it falls apart.

I was reminded of the Scripture in Song of Solomon in the Bible where two lovers are talking to one another. The relationship is a type and shadow of Jesus’ love for His Bride the church, and the church for Him. The speaker asks to be sealed in permanent betrothal, expressing the desire to be completely protected from the harshness of anything exterior that would cause any harm. Betrothal is the state of engagement before marriage. The author asks to be sealed in a betrothal that is permanent and lasting.

In Christ, we are sealed through His grace and mercy, in permanent betrothal. We, as the Body of Christ, and as His individual treasures, are protected from anything that would sever our relationship with God. The author in Song of Solomon states that love is as strong as death, meaning it is permanent and unchanging. This speaks of the type of love that God has for His sons and daughters. He is a jealous God and His jealousy can be as harsh to those who attempt harm on His children as the elements are on our wooden deck outside. His jealousy could destroy anything that is unprotected by His promise through Christ and anything that attempts to harm His protected creation.

How could a loving God even consider destroying any part of what He created? The answer is pretty simple. He hates sin. This does not mean He hates what He created. He hates the rebellion within what He created. Sin rots anything it touches and those who are unprotected from the elements through Christ live outside of the gate regarding any type of betrothal. Eventually all of sin will be destroyed and those who are in Christ will be married permanently to Him. As that time draws more near, the world experiences a form of rotting that the elements of sin bring to it.

Belonging to Christ and being sealed permanently through Him guards us from that permanent rotting. It does not stop us from sinning. That is our job until the day we meet with Him face to face. While we are on this earth as it is, it is our free will choice to remind ourselves of whose we are and work toward a more excellent walk in Christ.

His love, as described in Song of Solomon, is permanent, fiery, and is as strong as Jehovah God Himself. Through the grace of Christ we are protected and saved for the moment when His Kingdom is completely realized on earth as it is in heaven. We are loved with an everlasting love that nothing could ever put out. While we are in this “in love” state, there is nothing of this world that can destroy it. It is strong and interwoven with fibers that will never fail.

When two people are in love, the world could be falling a part and its as if nothing is even happening. Somehow that protective “in love” state causes a type of cocoon that seems to guard us from the outside elements. Love creates a protective barrier that keeps us from fully experiencing the wrath of this world. So it is with God’s love between us, only stronger, deeper, wider, and higher.

How fortunate we are to live in the knowledge that through Christ, we are forever doing the dance of love in this world and in the Kingdom to come. Within this love we are permanently betrothed for the day that approaches and we will be married to our Lord, our Savior, and our King! Until that day, we inwardly groan, as all creation groans, in longing for our Bridegroom’s love to be made complete as we look upon Him and finally see Him as He is!

In Hope and Longing,

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry