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photo 3 (4)About Jenine Marie

“Having been severely affected by abuse and also infidelity in past relationships, I have recognized the only true way to going from victim to victor. Only through Christ Jesus is there true deliverance from the torment and brokenness from being in a dysfunctional relationship. There is no other effective complete healing method that can even come close to the power of Holy Spirit for release and deliverance.”

 With Love, Pastor  Jenine Marie 

Jenine Marie has been a licensed/ordained minister for over 20 years. She is gifted in deep healing, prayer and  deliverance ministry for the healing and release of the effects of relationship abuse and infidelity. She has degrees in Applied Theology, Biblical Counseling/Coaching, and Master’s Degree and Certification in Christian Theology. In order to better understand human behavior she also has degrees in Psychology and extended Master’s study in Professional Clinical Counseling. Her greatest desire is to enhance the lives of women and empower each one to reach her goals and realize her greatest destiny! She has been called to emotional healing on a soul level, deliverance from spiritual attachments, and life transformation for every individual. Jenine’s primary work is focused toward the deliverance and empowerment of women. She is dedicated to the Pastoral Care of women who have been deeply wounded by relationship dysfunction whether in marriage or in other relationship situations.

 Having been challenged by marriage and relationships that have been abusively dysfunctional, Pastor Jenine feels led to see other women set free from the wounds and spiritual bondage that comes from these types of relationships. 

Jenine Marie believes that the power of God lives inside of us through the baptism of His Holy Spirit, and the loving wise ways of Jesus can be the Light to our path that propels our lives and eventually will guide us home!



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Licensed/Ordained Minister, Biblical-Life Coach/Counselor, Pastoral Care

State of Texas Prayer Director, United States National Prayer Council

Member of the National Association of Evangelicals

Member of Association of Clergy International

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Is It Time For Refreshing?

bear-canyon-falls-1Life has become routine, disconnected, filled with negativity, and a sense of being somewhat lost. Are you experiencing these things? If you are, then God is calling you to the throne and it is time for some refreshing. Taking time to spend only with your heavenly Father is essential for your spiritual and life health. It is like taking a trip to the doctor only so much better! Yes, we should spend time with God daily, but sometimes we need a concentrated time of refreshing.

This might just be your time when God is calling you to the throne for some evaluation, inspiration, and a dose of His love for you! When was the last time you took at least a week and set time aside to spend just filling yourself with God’s word, prayer, and listening for His wisdom for your life?

If you feel a bit lost, kind of alone, and don’t know why. Maybe you are craving some much needed God time! Put it on the schedule and don’t miss your date with Him! He has been waiting for you!

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry

Jenine Marie Coaching and Ministries 

Pastor Jenine Ministers on Healing from the Effects of Rape

cropped-14208503182375381246Some things, although hard, must be said. Some things must be revealed completed to be given over to God for healing. Let me start your voice by extending to you mine. God bless you!









Pastor Jenine Marie Howry


Jenine Marie Coaching and Ministries 

Yes, Fellas, Women Can Make Great Leaders!

Rev Jenine MarieI did not realize how much this subject was stuck in my craw until recently. More and more I began to hear about how women still struggle for respect while in leadership positions. This morning my memory took me back to a time when I worked in banking and had to turn down loans. I was young, and maybe I looked like I was too young to make the type of decisions I was making, but I certainly was not stupid! I especially recall one very special moment when an “ah hem” gentleman pretty much let me know how he was not going to let some dizzy young blonde determine his financial future! Much to his disappointment no matter who he talked to the decision remained the same. The man just did not know how to handle his finances. He did not handle women very well either. Part of that memory included him bellowing for a man to look at his application. Hmmm. That ruffles my feathers just thinking about it again.

If you ever get the chance, take a look around in your bank. The mass majority of banks are ran by women in many positions. If you are involved in any organized church regardless to the gender of the pastor, women are the ones who really cut into the depth of how the church is organized. Women work hard in pharmacies, doctors offices, medical fields, and are attorneys. Gee, women are even judges, hold congressional positions, and yes, we have infiltrated the senate.

This is not going to be a women’s rights post. Women have rights, sometimes they are just not respected. When I think back to that loan decline experience I often wonder why blondes are suddenly considered dizzy if a man does not get his way. I have even a better one. Why is it that a woman who has a certain breast size it suddenly makes her a bad choice to preach the gospel or Pastor a church? Yep, it happens. I hate to have to break it to the fellas out there; our brains are not in our cup size. In fact, in business, or in ministry, the only cup a man should be concerned about should be the one he holds his coffee in or he might be treading on a slippery slope.

I do realize boys will be boys. That’s just the point though. Men who focus on things that are not important in either business or ministry, such as body form, age, looks, or whatever have you, are still boys and need to grow up. WOMEN make great bosses, business leaders, Pastors, counselors, and law leaders. Women fight for our country and serve in our military. Some risk their lives and some have lost their lives as well. I don’t think any of their family members thought of them as dizzy blondes while burying them in the ground.

Honestly, this is more than just a rant. It is ILLEGAL to give a woman a hard time in the workforce simply because she is a woman. I can’t say that every woman is a good leader any more than every man is, but I can say that many women are GREAT leaders and are under a lot more pressure than they need to be. My message to the fellows out there who think that joking about women’s bodies in the work force is a great idea, “I wonder what your mother would think of your behavior?” Not to mention sexual harassment in any form is, like I said, ILLEGAL. It should be illegal in the church as well. Oh yes, I did in fact go there.

I’m going to be a little blunt here fellas. Women have not “arrived”. We have always been here. You sometimes just did not want to accept that we are good leaders and we have brains that work just as well as any man’s brain can. We are not going away any time soon. After all, we give birth to your babies, grand children, give love to you, and provide a home. I’ve always heard it said, “Buy a woman a house and she will make it a home”. We also head very successful corporations and deal with huge financial decisions on a daily basis. I’m sure some of the great female executives in this country are not real interested in your comments as to whether we are on our period or not. We just want you to know, even if you don’t want to respect us; we WILL respect ourselves!

For all the men out there who are too immature to accept how proficient we can be and all the women who rock this world!

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry

Narcissistic Love Bombing: Have You Been Its Target?

tumblr_nb1kh3NtGR1tar97bo1_1280I suppose before I start, for those who do not know, I should explain what “love bombing” is and why it is a part of relationship abuse cycles. Love bombing is something  someone who is a narcissist, or potential abuser, does in order to hook someone into a relationship very quickly with them. They do this by pouring out love and devotion way too soon during your connection. For instance, you meet someone and within a day they are “in love with you” and know you are the one they want the rest of their life. During love bombing you will get messages all day long, phone calls, emails, texts, and all of them will have undying devotion. Statements like “I know you are the one” or “I am going to marry you some day” will come out of them far before that person even knows you very well.

You will receive complements, flowers, a continual connection, and all of your time will be consumed by this narcissistic person. You will be his/her love of their life long before they even know what kind of person you are. This is a huge relationship red flag by the way. Let me share one of my personal examples.

After meeting someone for the first time to have dinner, I received a text message while I was still driving home that stated, “I know you are the one, I like you far much more than I even expected. What was the best part of our date for you tonight?” We did have a great time with a lot of talk about personal things. He was very likable, adorable, and seemingly kind; a very easy person to talk to.

The love bombing continued. I had a text the very first thing in the morning, a call as soon as work was over, another date secured the moment there was time free. Each date was like a dream come true. He cooked for me, shared personal information easily with me, and listened to my heart while holding my hand. All of these things seem very likable. In fact they seemed to be the answer to my prayers. I was sucked in, hook, line, and sinker. We were both Christians so he prayed with me and did a good job of it. All of the prayers offered the indication there was already devotion and they alluded to marriage from the beginning. Within a very short period of time those suggestions regarding marriage became actual verbal statements. “I know I will marry you and we will spend the rest of our lives together. ”

While these things seem great, they were happening way too soon and way too fast. A love bomber will give you no time for anyone else in life. He/she will take all of your time with their undying devotion, romantic gestures, and dating interludes. You will find that you have no time for friends or family members and many of them will wonder where you have been for the last week, month, or months. This is actually a strategic tactic to get you more isolated and it works like a charm for many unless you recognize it and understand it. The problem is, once they hook you there is a greater opportunity to bring someone else into the picture without your knowledge. Suddenly he/she won’t have as much time for you as before. Or you will have a set schedule so there will be no reason to think he/she has someone else. All the while your new love is setting up what is called “triangulation”.

Triangulation is the narcissistic integration of another person whom he or she is love bombing as well in order to create their very strategic and sick drama. Sometimes the triangulation happens with an ex partner and sometimes it is someone they used to date, or someone completely new. That person may or may not know about you. If they do know about you, he or she will make sure you are the “crazy person” that they can’t get rid of. This gains sympathy and helps the love bomber create an aura of being victimized in order to secure the triangulated new person.

I know this all seems a bit way out there, but this HAPPENS and it has happened to me! If someone seems to be expressing undying love for you way too soon and is showering you with gifts, complements, and dates. If that person is getting close too fast and isolating you from others you usually spend time with. RUN! Love bombing is a narcissistic covert action that will eventually be something that causes you great pain in the end.

If you have been the victim of a narcissist and their love bombing. I want to pray for you. You can call anytime at 800-421-1765 and please leave a message for a call back. These actions are more common than you might think and there are many who are out there struggling with the very same issues. You are not alone! There is support. Find a good support group or even start one! We need all the empowerment we can get after being affected by a narcissist.

With loving education,

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry

Jenine Marie Coaching and Ministries

**Image compliments of “It Is Quiet Here”

Do You Need Deliverance That Comes From High Places?

arguingOne warm summer night I had decided to go to the store and get a treat to end my long hot day. As I drove up to a parking space my attention was called to a couple in the car across from me. They were in a heated argument in the car. It was pretty intense. I could hear their words with both our windows up. Both were extremely upset and neither seemed willing to calm down.

I sat quietly and observed for a few moments feeling like I was somehow intruding where I did not belong, but felt compelled to stay. Suddenly the woman broke down into tears, both got out of the car, and continued their argument in the middle of the driving area. It all came to a point where she could take no more, threw down a cup she was drinking from, and began to walk off with him following her.

A moment later the car door opened once again and a little figure exited the car. It was a little boy probably about 2 years old. He sat down on the edge of the curb by the car with his head in his hands, sobbing. Just as I was about to get out of the car, the woman who was probably his mother, came back to comfort him.

I wanted to go out to comfort them both but something held me still as I prayed for them. She wrapped her arms around her child and both of them sobbed. A few moments later the man reappeared and as the woman and her child got back into the car I heard her yell out to him, “I will never allow you to do this to me again”! She drove off with her child, leaving the man behind. She was notably angry but obviously sobbing. I continued to observe and pray as the man watched the car drive out of sight.

I did not have to know them to understand what had just happened. This woman was broken down, her son was being effected, and she could take no more. I don’t know what happened to them after that. She might have gone back to him or she might have gone and packed her things and left him. I was praying for the latter.

I might not have known what the argument was about, but I did hear the comments from the man when they were out of the car. They were demeaning, heartless, and unforgiving. Even in the face of her sobbing, he was relentless and cared nothing of her brokenness. Regardless how it started, what it was about, or who was originally at fault, there was no way any man should be allowed to treat a broken woman the way he treated her. First he broke her, then he battered her down with more insults. Yes, it is true, they both argued, but it was obvious her heart was not being cared for.

I hoped she left him and never returned to the battle field. The enemy had a field day that evening. He broke apart a relationship. It was hard to see it all in action; watching two people destroying their lives and their peace of mind and heart. It was all so senseless and cruel. I was the witness to two wounded people creating another new wounded person in the little boy. It happens far too much in our society.

Only Christ can remove the spirits that torment the wounded and only Christ can heal them by the power of His shed blood. This chaos is what happens when the enemy is given legal access to a family or relationship. The sad truth is that the enemy has no legal grounds in taking what belongs to God; not unless we allow him to. So many allow him!

Jesus has already declared the enemy guilty and we are already free. We just need to approach the heavenly realms in order to allow God to judge the demonic powers that torment us and proclaim Jesus’ shed blood for our freedom. It is that simple and that powerful!

If you are struggling with demonic interference in your life and need a spiritual intervention, don’t wait any longer please! We all struggle but when we go boldly to the throne room of God together to be delivered from the oppression from the enemy, amazing changes can happen!

My deepest prayer for you is release, deliverance, and freedom in Christ Jesus. He will guide you and free you from the torments of Satan’s evil army.

If you need help in this area, please call me at 800-421-1765. I would love to guide you through!

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry

Jenine Marie Coaching and Ministries 


Why Empaths Are More Intelligent Than Narcissist

I just had to reblog this because it is so very true. One day while I was praying about my past relationships and thinking of them as big mistakes, the Lord spoke to my heart, “The only thing you were guilty of is loving someone who did not appreciate your loving heart”. That was the most freeing statement I ever heard. It set me free and I hope it sets YOU free too!

So Long Sociopath

Likely if you have been unfortunate enough to be fooled or nearly destroyed by a Narcissist or Sociopath you share two  things in common with other victims, one,  you have an amazing heart. That part may not surprise you, of course you have to have a beautiful heart to love such ugly souls.

The other thing you share in common may come as a surprise, you are highly intelligent. Maybe you forgot that, maybe you have been defined by your choice to even involve yourself with such a horrible person instead of understanding that it was not stupidity that led you there but instead a heart of gold and a need to love the unloveable.

I was certain that I was on the lower side of the IQ scale after my relationships and during them. I can not tell you how many times I would pound my steering wheel, tears…

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What Happened to Friendship?

cropped-14208503182375381246I can’t think of too many things more precious than a childhood best friend. You know the kind. We stick together no matter what. She is the best friend forever kind of friend and the one we can always count on to be knocking on our door ready for the next days adventure. Nothing is too sacred that it could not be shared, and every plan made had to include this best friend forever.

If we are lucky, we go through quite a few years together; growing, learning, creating playful moments and sharing secrets. This friend knew our first crush, our favorite ice cream flavor and we knew hers. It’s priceless, innocent, and there is no reason to question if she cared if we were hurt or not because she always cared. It’s a child like innocent friendship the way God intended friendships to be. We trusted because there was never a reason given not to trust. It was unspoken that we guarded one another.

They were more simple days back then, you know, childhood. Then we grow up and make things complicated. We experience more rejection, the harshness of he world, and also begin to move forward into what “life expects us to produce”. We are meant to couple, to marry, to have kids, create a home, find a career, finish college, and the list goes on. Sometimes we part. Not because we wanted to but because we had to. Sometimes we remain friends but life makes it more complicated. I’m not sure why it has to be that way but it happens.

Jesus taught us that there is no greater love than to lay ones life down for a friend. He’s a great teacher, isn’t He? I feel like that type of love is becoming more rare though. We are less child like in spirit, more complicated in emotion, and scarred from a world that can be harsh and unforgiving. The “laying down ones life” type of friendship tends to go out the window and can tend to be replaced by a more superficial kind because we just don’t have time for more in our lives. Technology, social media, and so many other things opt into our circumstances and before we know it everything is superficial.

It’s not how God intended it though. He intended friendships to be those that sharpen each other. Iron sharpens iron. We are supposed to lift one another up like those old childhood days when there was no doubt that the other would have our back when things were hard. I wish I could add to Jesus’ teaching and say that there is no greater love than to lay down ones life for a friend; and we are all friends. It can’t be true in this world though. We can’t all be friends. Life has become more innovated but more complicated. Our ease is almost like an illusion that makes me often long for the good old days when a person’s word was their word and a promise was not broken.

At the risk of rambling a bit more, I will get to my point. I’m finding that personal connection with those we call our friends is becoming more and more rare. Maybe its just me. I can’t say. I do know one thing though. I would much rather talk to someone’s voice than to see their fake smiley face on my phone or computer any day of the week.

Just sayin’

Pastor Jenine Marie Howry

Jenine Marie Coaching and Ministries